Lovinflame K Lawrence 14″ Cone Tabletop Firepit

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Lovinflame K Lawrence 14″ Cone Tabletop Firepit

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The Cone with 4″ Lovinflame fuel burner utilizes a durable burner which can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Lovinflame fuel is a safe, non-combustionable and water-soluble. The Cone measures 14″ wide by 5″ tall.

∙ Clean-burning and non-toxic
∙ Features 3 stainless steel wicks, creating tall, beautiful flames
∙ Perfect for outdoor and indoor occasions
∙ Distinct air flow design enhances flame shape
∙ Detachable design with candle stand for any modern style

Our flames are powered by our proprietary stainless steel wick and water-soluble, non-toxic fuel which minimizes emissions and flare-up risks.

The integrated burning system allows you to easily add a comforting, vibrant glow to your day while keeping peace of mind.


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